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Master of Science in Healthcare Simulation Education

Simulation Center Practicum

During the summer quarter, you’ll complete an in-person practicum at an established healthcare simulation center. You’ll have the opportunity to study at a center that is convenient and accessible to where you live. This will become your “home simulation center.”

Practicum Experience

The summer practicum is designed to give you hands-on experience in a simulation center setting. You’ll observe simulation activities, assist with planning and executing simulation activities, and participate in teaching.

You’ll complete a project to create a short, simulation-based interventional curriculum to address an area in patient safety, healthcare quality or efficiency. In the end, you’ll develop and deploy a small-scale healthcare simulation course for learners at your home simulation center.

Throughout your practicum experience, you’ll work with simulation center leaders to advance your skills, and you’ll graduate with demonstrated real-world experience in healthcare simulation educational design.

Finding a Simulation Center

Before you apply, you must confirm arrangements with a simulation center that will support your practicum. We prefer education institutes accredited by either the American College of Surgeons (ACS) or the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), but we’ll also consider non-accredited sites.

This resource may help you locate a simulation center near you:

Simulation Center Agreement

When you have identified a home center, you'll need to secure a written agreement with a simulation center representative. You may download the following letter to provide potential home centers with information about our degree program. You'll need to submit the Host Site Agreement form as part of your application:

NOTE: We can’t grant admission to applicants who are unable to make practicum arrangements with a home site or WISH in Seattle. Please contact us to talk with an adviser if you need further details.